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a ROSE blooms :)

The day that Rose has been waiting for---her 18th birthday. Not only that it marks her first steps to womanhood but would also mark the day of her, being of legal age and a pass to r-18 movies. Haha! (We watched the healing (uncut version) together few days before her birthday but she was blocked by the guards because she was not yet 18. She was so dismayed. lol)

The venue of her party was at Sunny Point, Maa. I was really amazed with their chandelier which turned out to be a table for the cake. Yes, the cake was hanging and in the middle of the program the chandelier was slowly pulled down and voila, a table with a three-layered cake! I was very igno for a moment there. Haha! Below are few of the photos from the party :)

xoxo, Delyn ♥


Last September 23, 2012, my friend Rosemarie finally turned 18. As what has traditionally been practiced among teenage girls here in the Philippines, she had a pre-debut photo shoot and asked me to come along. These photos were taken at Shrine Hills, Matina and at Jack's ridge where you can have a beautiful view of Davao :)


Photographed by: Crezbell Orito
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Club fair

Monmon & I :) 

 Monmon & I, along with other AISSO members :D

 Me with Sandra & Rose :)

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Team buildings!

I've joined two team buildings for the first semester: AISSO & NSTP VOLUNTEERS. The AISSO team building was held at Lantaw Bukid while the NSTP vols was held at Camp Holiday, Samal Island. both were filled with fun and learning! :)



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Good to be back!

Hola! So much has happened for the past five months that I've not posted here. Too many actually that I could not write all of them down. The first semester of my tertiary level was, guess I could say, smooth-sailing. Demands from our instructors weren't that much and the subjects we had were not much of a hassle as compared to the previous semester. Hoping and praying that second sem would be a better one! :)
I owe my blog lotsa posts, so imma share some happenings in my life for the past five months. Not all of em of course, only those I could recall. and those with photos. lol

xoxo, Delyn ♥