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"An open letter from Mr. Right"

I came across this post in my Facebook feed which I thought deserved a spot here in my blog...The title "An open letter from Mr. Right" didn't really catch my attention for I thought this was another cliché post about finding some Mr. Right who never actually existed (well, in my opinion). Yet, the heading "Dear daughters of God" suddenly gave me the intent to read it and the feeling that this was more than just an article about reckoning the attributes of "Mr. Right."And yes, I wasn't mistaken. This post might be too good to be true but it opened my mind and heart to the idea that a man like this still exists. I strongly believe that a man who doesn't run low in his faith in God is the best man to consider when it comes to dating, or marriage for that matter. It doesn't really mean that he won't make mistakes along the way but he will NEVER forget that the least thing he wants to do is to hurt you in any way because you are and you wi…