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PASTA! Finally! Haha. I've been craving for this since last week. Didn't want to order one cos I wanted to cook it myself. Teehee. I'm starting to learn how to cook and lovin' it! I think Imma do this more often :)
xoxo, Delyn ♥

One sunny day

My first home-made gulaman! It doesn't look colorful though because we had no jelly ace in stock to mix with it. It tastes really good despite its very simple look. Special thanks to my achi Rachel for teaching me how to make this one! :)
xoxo, Delyn ♥

Message in a bottle

I have started reading this last March and I only got the chance to finish it just this month. I’m not a slow reader nor is the story uninteresting. I can read fast if I wanted to and if I had plenty of time plus the story was nowhere near the description ‘uninteresting’. It’s just that I was too occupied with school matters over the past two months that I completely forgot about the book I was reading.
This novel was written by the highly renowned author Nicholas Sparks. Not only the story did contain very beautiful messages about love but it also awakened the reader’s senses that life goes on and one must not dwell too much in the past.  I can somehow relate with the story in a certain way… I would not be writing it down here though. :p
I just loved the idea of life and love that I had grasped upon reading the story. It would also be the perfect book for people who are having a difficult time of leaving the past behind and are continuously struggling to move on with life. J

xoxo, Delyn…


These were taken around four o'clock in the morning. I didn't go back to sleep when I saw this extremely beautiful scene and waited for the moon to go down instead. Sorry for the bad quality of the photos though. Just used my cellphone in taking these. It looks waaaaay better in reality :)
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One fine day

Summer season has just started and I’ve been on the beach not only once, but twice! J Last April 6, my relatives and I have decided to spend good Friday and black Saturday at Samal. We went to Precious Garden of Samal, a 10-minute drive from the port. The place was lovely and there were only a few people. I love it when the beach has got only a small crowd rather than having a big and noisy crowd that tends to ruin the serenity of the place.

The white sand, though artificial, made it comfortable for me to walk and run around bare-footed. The sea breeze allowed my lungs to breathe in unsullied air, the kind of air you won’t get when you’re in the city. The reggae music played in the background made me want to dance, ignoring the fact that I have two left feet. The hanging lanterns on the trees made me remember the beautiful sky lanterns in the movie ‘Tangled.’ And lastly, the ambience of the place has allowed me to find inner peace and tranquility for a moment. Too bad it had to end.  …

Girls just wanna have fun!

Okay, so I guess I’ve ranted enough about school. Imma talk about what I’ve pretty much had for summer. Somewhere in the end of March, my barkada and I went to Samal island for a get together since we haven’t seen each other for such a long time cos of the conflicting schedules we had.  It was unbelievable though that I was allowed by my mother to come along. I’ve never been to Samal with my friends until such time, I was only allowed to go whenever I was with my family and relatives. Sucks, huh? J
We spent two days and one night at Isla Bambonita, a private resort owned by one of my kabarkada’s (Paulyn’s) family. It was a perfect place for unwinding and getting away from the hustling and bustling of the city. We took pictures, played around, had few drinks, and took pictures again and again. Haha! My barkada and I, especially when we’re together, tend to get really vain that we ended up with approximately 600 photos. Oh how we just love capturing moments! (palusot) Lol. 
The sad thing …

Passed! :)

Right after last year’s first semester ended, we were told by our instructors that we have got to brace ourselves for the next semester to come. They usually call it as the ‘sala/straining stage’ of the International studies program. Usually, half of the class gets kicked out of the program for certain reasons. And I tell you, it was definitely no joke at all. The second semester was, I don’t know, an obstacle course perhaps?
A lot of thoughts crossed my mind. Thoughts like, ‘this is too hard, I want to give up’ and ‘will I be able to make it to third year?’ kept creeping inside my head. My course may not sound so difficult but trust me, it really is. Not only the subjects require a lot of reading literally hundreds of pages but the instructors also demand so much from us. ‘Twas surely one heck of a rollercoaster ride. Yet, I survived! I have managed to still make it in the program and I owe it all to daddy God. He has definitely answered my prayers. <3
xoxo, Delyn  ♥

I'm back!

Hola! I’ve not been here for about three months and I terribly miss writing my thoughts down. The thought of writing a new post here has kept running through my head but with all the demands and pressure the last semester gave me, it was impossible to do such. The previous months were pretty much of a hassle because of all the things that were needed to be done. Final exams, projects, thesis, and defenses were all around me, eating up my time. But now, I've got all the time I need soooo. Hello, dearest blog! We meet again :)
xoxo, Delyn  ♥