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Beachin' around

This post is long overdue. Posted it anyway. Hehehe. Spent a day on the beach, playing, laughing, and goofin' around with few of my classmates :) 
xoxo, Delyn ♥


My 3rd nail art! Didn't like the outcome of this one looked kinda messy and didn't look that much of a strawberry. LOL. Oh well, I'll try making a better strawberry nail art next time! :)
From now on, I'll be sharing to you the steps on how I did every nail art so you could make one on your own too :) Steps are as easy as 1 2 3! ;)
So here's how: 1. Apply a clear nail polish as the base coat. It is necessary to apply one to protect your nails and keep them healthy. A base coat also ensures easier application. 2. Double coat your nails using a red nail polish. 3. Paint crooked lines on the tips of your nails using a green or light green nail polish. This will serve as the calyx or 'crown' of the strawberry. 4. Paint small, yellow dots around the bottom area. It would prolly look better if you scatter the dots rather than what I did wherein I lined them up. It looked kinda dull and weird. Haha! 5. Lastly, use a clear nail polish as the top coat to protec…

Sister from another mother!

My cousin, Rachel turned a year older last May 25. Our age gap is about 4 years. Yet, it was never a hindrance in having not only the best cousin relationship but even the best sister relationship. I consider her not only as my cousin but also my sister and my best friend :)
Surprised her with these cupcakes on her day and I am more than happy that she liked it. That simple surprise is never enough to thank her for being a sister to me...Though she may be noisy and crazy at times, I am very grateful for having her in my life :')
We have been with each other through a lot of ups & downs and I hope and pray our relationship will forever remain like this :')
xoxo, Delyn ♥