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Starting my year right...NOT.

It is the first day of the brand new year two-oh-twelve and I am here, in front of my lappy switching 3 tabs (9gag, YouTube, & of course, Blogger) while some are busy bonding with their family and friends, and some could be at church hearing mass. My Dad's at work and my Mom's out to spend time with him while I'm stuck here at home. and ALONE. Didn't  really wanted to go with them anyway. Haha. I actually like the feeling of having the house all to myself :D
It has always been a belief that what you do on the first day of the year would be tantamount to what you would be doing most of the time for the rest of the year. Hence, I would be spending more time with my lappy throughout the year. Oh well, it's not really something new. It's not as if I rarely use my lappy. As a matter of fact, I make sure that I get to spend time with her everyday even if it were just for a minute. Sweet, aren't we? :> 
So, to ease my boredome, Imma watch a movie and eat lots…

Hello, 2012! ♥

Minutes till Twelve! We are now about to bid goodbye to the year 2011! :) This year has been both tough and good to me. Hope the year 2012 will be more bountiful. Good vibes all the way! Let love and optimism reign in our hearts! :)

Ciao, 2011 & Hello, 2012! Have a happy and splendid new year! :)
xoxo, Delyn ♥ 

A fallen Angel ♥

Cute, isn't she? :) Meet Sophia Erizza, my niece and my goddaughter. These photos were taken at Camp Holiday during my birthday celebration. She was just too cute that we had to capture her angelic face and her sweet smiles. Just had to share this because, wala lang. Haha! Hope this cute lil' girl here brightens your day! :3

xoxo, A proud tita ninang ♥

My first steps to womanhood ♥

Highlights of my 18th birthday ♥

My 18th birthday celebration with my Family & Friends - at Camp Holiday, Samal

27th of December, 2011 - I celebrated my 18th birthday with my family and childhood friends. We had decided to spend my day at the beach and we had a simple yet happy celebration. It was a sunny and serene day for me. :)

My 18th birthday celebration with my AdDU classmates - Voyz Out & Picobello

26th of December, 2011 - I had a pre-birthday celebration with few of my classmates in college. Many weren't able to go because they have already left Davao and went back to their hometowns. Pigged out at Picobello and sang our hearts out at Voyzout. And oh, drank a little too ;)

My 18th birthday celebration with my highschool barkada - Voyzout & Barrio Bistro

29th of December, 2011 - My birthday treat for my highschool barkada. Went to Voyzout (again) & had dinner at Barrio Bistro. The original plan, however, was to celebrate my birthday at Chateau Del Mar. But when I …

Just another blogger coming through! (:

Hey there, bloggers! I have long been planning to use Blogger instead of Tumblr as my haven for blogging since the past two or three months. I was too busy though that I wasn't able to do so ASAP. But now, I have finally found the perfect time to create a Blogger account. From now on, I'll be posting here and maybe leave my Tumblr account for quite some time. I'd certainly love to hear from you too! :)
xoxo, Delyn ♥