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New Year, New opportunities & New blessings! :)

Hey there fellow bloggers! It's been forever since I've last posted here. I love writing but I just didn't seem to find ample time for the past months. Plus, my lappy's gone and I don't have anything else to use for blogging but my ipod. poor me. :( 
Well, anyway... I thought of writing my first and last post for the remaining hours of the year 2013.
The year 2013 has been both tough and good to me. I have met new people, landed on new places, (unfortunately, not out of the country...YET :D) learned something new, experienced some things for the first time, got myself hurt, failed to do what I was ought to do, disregarded some responsibilities, wasted few chances, learned from mistakes, and grasped upon the idea that Life is full of changes -- people come and go, tables turn, joys can become sorrows and the other way around. Yet, no matter what knocks on your door, it all boils down on how you accept and respond to those changes. It's your own life, your own self…