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Love book

A diary/traveler's journal or whatever you call it. It may look plain & simple yet it is extra special to me. I love how delicate the  designs are, especially that of the Eiffel tower. Just the perfect present for an aspiring traveler like me! However, I'm still contemplating on what things should I be writing here. And the thought of bringing this along with me when I can finally fulfill my lifelong dream of spending a day in Paris tickles my fancy. Ambisyosa. Haha! But hey, a girl can dream, right? :)
xoxo, Delyn ♥

Back to Reality.

Just a few hours ago, the sudden twist and turn of my life has already taken place.

No, 'twas not really that of a twist and turn. And definitely not sudden. I was just overreacting. Haha. It was absolutely expected to happen. The world, apart from the world where I live in comfort --- (no homework, no loads of photocopies to study, no waking up early) has entered the picture once again. Yes, you have guessed it right. Classes have resumed, unfortunately. My professors will be giving us our examination results and our prelim grades. And I am definitely, indubitably, surely, certainly, and absolutely anxious to receive them. Nevertheless, I am continuously hopin' and prayin' for non-substandard grades.
For the next days to come, I might not be blogging here often 'cause heaps of photocopies and a handful of homework are right before me. I need to stop talking and do some working to augment my grades. And hey, I promised myself I would do far better this time and not mess …