New Year's Resolution seems cliche and no matter how much we want to accomplish everything in our list, we end up doing only a few things and even do it only for the next few days after New Year. So here are a few things I'd like to call as "2015 To do list."   

1. Let go of all the clutter in your life.

The past year has been tough, life has thrown rocks at you that you thought you would never be able to get up. You've been hurt terribly, been cheated on, lost confidence, self-esteem, and trust. True enough, it isn't easy to just simply forget everything all at once yet, the more that you let yourself be consumed by hatred, the more that you'll be filled with negativity in everything you do, So it's best that you try to let go of all these clutter one step at a time to create more space for positivity in your life. 

I would like to quote a Zen proverb..."Let go or be dragged."

2. Don't let your plans be just plans.

Don't deny it, you have a lengthy list of plans for this year, some items might even be from your previous year's plans that haven't been actualized up until now. If you are planning to learn how to cook, search and list down the recipes you've been wanting to learn and start getting yourself busy in the kitchen during the weekend. You have been planning to redecorate your room since the past year, start now by buying or even finding those old cans of paint that can still be used and invite your sibs or best buds to decorate your room with you (this might even be a fun and great bonding for you guys). All those other plans listed in your journal, don't let them be just plans. Make an extra effort to actually accomplish them.  

3. Save up.

This is probably one of the most difficult things to check off your to do list. That dress you've been eyeing on is on sale, there is a newly-opened restaurant across the street, new movies are hitting the big screen and you'll want to spend every penny you have just to not miss out on these things. It is indeed a great feeling to splurge. Too much splurging is not though. You'll regret it later on after seeing your empty wallet that can barely buy a Mcsaver meal from Mcdonald's. Spare an ample amount from your monthly allowance, even Php50 a week will do. You'll appreciate it once you've accumulated all those small bills and find out you've already saved up quite a huge amount.

4. Take risks.

Routines and comfort zones give us a sense of familiarity and make us feel at ease. However, when we keep on just staying within our comfort zones, we hinder ourselves from further growth and development of our capabilities. It is about time that you learn to take a leap of faith and be more open to new things and challenges that may help you discover skills and abilities you never thought you had.

5. Pray. Always.

This is the primary thing that should never be absent from your list. With the long list of things to do and tight schedules, you should never forget to spare ample amount of your time to pause, pray, and thank the Lord for everything He has blessed you with. Things may not always go your way but you should bear in mind that it is because He has something else better in store for you. Just always pray, whatever may come your way.

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