My first steps to womanhood ♥

Highlights of my 18th birthday ♥

My 18th birthday celebration with my Family & Friends - at Camp Holiday, Samal

27th of December, 2011 - I celebrated my 18th birthday with my family and childhood friends. We had decided to spend my day at the beach and we had a simple yet happy celebration. It was a sunny and serene day for me. :)

My 18th birthday celebration with my AdDU classmates - Voyz Out & Picobello

26th of December, 2011 - I had a pre-birthday celebration with few of my classmates in college. Many weren't able to go because they have already left Davao and went back to their hometowns. Pigged out at Picobello and sang our hearts out at Voyzout. And oh, drank a little too ;)

My 18th birthday celebration with my highschool barkada - Voyzout & Barrio Bistro

29th of December, 2011 - My birthday treat for my highschool barkada. Went to Voyzout (again) & had dinner at Barrio Bistro. The original plan, however, was to celebrate my birthday at Chateau Del Mar. But when I woke up, I felt too lazy and tired to go swimming. And so, I texted them that I had to change plans. Good thing most of them agreed it would be better not to swim and just sing our hearts out instead. And btw, Barrio bistro's pizza was gooooood. I'd love to go back there and pig out again :)

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