Starting my year right...NOT.

It is the first day of the brand new year two-oh-twelve and I am here, in front of my lappy switching 3 tabs (9gag, YouTube, & of course, Blogger) while some are busy bonding with their family and friends, and some could be at church hearing mass. My Dad's at work and my Mom's out to spend time with him while I'm stuck here at home. and ALONE. Didn't  really wanted to go with them anyway. Haha. I actually like the feeling of having the house all to myself :D

It has always been a belief that what you do on the first day of the year would be tantamount to what you would be doing most of the time for the rest of the year. Hence, I would be spending more time with my lappy throughout the year. Oh well, it's not really something new. It's not as if I rarely use my lappy. As a matter of fact, I make sure that I get to spend time with her everyday even if it were just for a minute. Sweet, aren't we? :> 

So, to ease my boredome, Imma watch a movie and eat lots of macaroni salad, leche flan & mango float until my tummy explodes. Lol. (Sorry, Lord for being such a pig and for committing gluttony multiple times this holiday season. I promise to make it up to you for the next days to come :D) 

Have a good day folks! :)

Delyn ♥ 


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