It's a date! :)

Meet my best boy buddy, wako-wako. Haha! Just kidding. His name's Monvic. He's my chika buddy, secrets buddy, and my eating buddy. He knows pretty much everything that's going on with my life and he knows quite a lot of things about me that other people have no idea of. So yeah, I'm happy to have met such a great buddy :)

I ditched jap class for the fifth time, perhaps? Lol. I went to Addu to meet him then we went to Abreeza afterwards. We dined at Mooon cafe. Their bacon & mushroom pizza tastes great, btw! We played at timezone and had our pictures taken at the photobooth. We had to end the day early though cos he had to meet with his highschool friends. 'Twas nice catching up with my best boy buddy though even if it was only just for a couple of hours :)

monmon & I

bacon & mushroom pizza!

teehee :)

Delyn ♥


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