Reunited and it feels so gooood

My dearest friend Nathalya, who's now residing in Manila, went on a short vacation here in Davao last April 27 until May 2. I was very much excited about her visit here since we haven't seen each other for a couple of months and I terribly missed hanging out with her. During the preceding days of her trip, we have already made few plans on what we will be doing during her stay here. Yes, that's how eager we were! Haha. 

Day 1:
Lesley, Rc and I picked her up at the airport around 7:30 am. Ang ganda niya lang! Parang artista ang dumating. Haha! We immediately went to Lesley's house to leave her things and proceeded to Mcdo Bajada to have breakfast. Two of our classmates, Arzen and Monvic were there with us too. 

breakfast at Mcdo
After a few hours at Mcdo, we went back to Lesley's house to watch a movie but we ended up talking, talking, and talking. Lol. We wanted to spend the rest of the day together but we couldn't since we had Japanese class by 1 pm-3 pm. So we decided to meet each other as soon as our classes were done. We sang our hearts out at South KTV...the place was fine but there were a lot of mosquitoes inside the room. Ugh. Talk about annoying :|

We ended the day with a delectable dinner at Penong's. I ate crispy kangkong and it tasted good! An addition to the list of veggies I eat. Kangkong's the fourth, by the way. Hahaha. Yes, I dislike eating green leafy vegetables. Kangkong and malunggay are exceptions though.

We are beautiful, no matter what they say ;)
Day 2: 
We shopped til we dropped at Tomliz Butingtings, a haven for kikay girls like us. I ditched school that day, btw. Haha. Next, we went to Gaisano and Abreeza for a stroll. Lastly, we sipped a cup of cappuccino at Starbucks. I had to leave early though to meet up with my barkada. 

With the 'milk bombers' Hahaha! If ya know what I mean :p
here's a picture of me. mehehe :> (dinner at Mandarin)
Starbucks! :)
Day 3:
Supposedly, we would watch movies at Lesley's house but I wasn't able to come since I went out of town with my barkada. (Agusan trip)

Day 4:
We spent the day at the beach! Camp Holiday, Samal was the prefererred place since it was near the port. 'Twas a very tiring yet extra fun day! :)
Rc doing her jeje pose. Lol

Nathz, Rc, and I
Juuuuump! :)
Day 5:
Right after our Jap class, Nathz and my other classmates went to Rc's place and spent the night there. I wasn't able to come again though because I watched The Avengers with my friend Earl :D The movie was awesome, btw :) 

Day 6:
The day Nathz has to go back to MNL. :( Wanted to send her to the airport but wasn't able to. Nakakainis na dysmenorrhea. Pffffft.

Oh well, i'm glad that we were able to spend few days of summer together, at the very least. Til' next time, Nathalya! :)

Delyn ♥


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