One fine day

Summer season has just started and I’ve been on the beach not only once, but twice! J Last April 6, my relatives and I have decided to spend good Friday and black Saturday at Samal. We went to Precious Garden of Samal, a 10-minute drive from the port. The place was lovely and there were only a few people. I love it when the beach has got only a small crowd rather than having a big and noisy crowd that tends to ruin the serenity of the place.

The white sand, though artificial, made it comfortable for me to walk and run around bare-footed. The sea breeze allowed my lungs to breathe in unsullied air, the kind of air you won’t get when you’re in the city. The reggae music played in the background made me want to dance, ignoring the fact that I have two left feet. The hanging lanterns on the trees made me remember the beautiful sky lanterns in the movie ‘Tangled.’ And lastly, the ambience of the place has allowed me to find inner peace and tranquility for a moment. Too bad it had to end.  The place was nice and all but it costs too much. Lol. Our bill reached ten thousand plus. No joke. But I’d still love to go back to that place again and by that time, with my special one. Chos! :)

Delyn  ♥


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