Message in a bottle

I have started reading this last March and I only got the chance to finish it just this month. I’m not a slow reader nor is the story uninteresting. I can read fast if I wanted to and if I had plenty of time plus the story was nowhere near the description ‘uninteresting’. It’s just that I was too occupied with school matters over the past two months that I completely forgot about the book I was reading.

This novel was written by the highly renowned author Nicholas Sparks. Not only the story did contain very beautiful messages about love but it also awakened the reader’s senses that life goes on and one must not dwell too much in the past.  I can somehow relate with the story in a certain way… I would not be writing it down here though. :p

I just loved the idea of life and love that I had grasped upon reading the story. It would also be the perfect book for people who are having a difficult time of leaving the past behind and are continuously struggling to move on with life. J   

Delyn ♥


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